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Cheek Clappers

Apr 25, 2023

In this episode we start off at home and talk about anorexic people, an OUTRAGEOUS homeless man outside Lidl and various other things before Tara makes us eat some foul pickles which makes me really angry.

After that we go for a long walk in the mountains and talk about various things including Savile, Hitler, Pingu, school bullying and Tim Westwood. 

At one point I fall over which is quite funny but then from about 46:00-73:00 the episode is a bit slower and the conversation becomes a little bit more sparse and atmospheric because of the distracting terrain and increased difficulty of walking in that part of the mountains. If you don't like that kind of episode you could perhaps skip that section, as after that we get to flatter ground and the conversation resumes a more normal pace. Good episode though.

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