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Cheek Clappers

Aug 18, 2022

Back to business as usual on this one, no more fighting. We talk about a lot of stuff including a new Sopranos character called Quiggy Soprano, holy texts, dildos, debt collectors, landlords and Jackie Chan.



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Aug 17, 2022

In this episode we have a serious heart to heart about my exercise addiction.

Jokes aside though, this one contains a lot of arguing so if you don't like those ones then FUCK OFF.



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Aug 5, 2022

As the title says, this episode is absolutely claptastic.

We talk about beefeaters, Chinese shops, immortal technique, rape, Nick Mullen stealing our jokes, Osama Bin Laden and Oscar "The Terminator" Pistorus merking his wife.

Also, there's a couple of weird glitches in the audio, possibly due to my new interface. Just...

Aug 3, 2022

We're back! It's been a crazy few weeks.

In this episode, right off the bat we have a big argument. If you don't like listening to those then you can skip to 30:35, after which point we talk about where we've been, what's been going on, and a bunch of other stuff including: Dr. Cosby, Mo Farah, rape and Baby...